Fogbugz for the Mac is a design for a conceptual OSX client for the Fogbugz bug tracking system. At Wishabi, we used Fogbugz to track bugs, new feature development, designs for new interfaces, and customizations required for new clients.

While Fogbugz on the web is powerful and very flexible, the mac version improves on it by emphasizing visual timelines for workload planning, and by bringing conversations around cases to the forefront to keep case communications out of your email.

A Case List for Forward Thinkers

Fogbugz for Mac lists your project cases underneath a graphical timeline which gives you an at glance view of your upcoming and overdue caseload over the next few days.

If you want to see cases in some other way, the view can be easily edited and filtered using the breadcrumb menu at the top of the window.

Clear Case Info that's Encourages Conversation

The goals of the case info are to present an overview of the case, encourage conversation and make it clear who's participating in the conversation. Like the breadcrumb view filter, the case parameter bar lets you see and manipulate case characteristics very quickly.

Cases can be initiated directly by another user, or in response to an incoming customer email.

In addition to replying to a case or resolving it, you can start work quickly with one click branch switching that also jumps to the github (or kiln, etc.) commits page to see the code changes connected to the case.

Super-Quick Case Creation

Inspired by the quick entry windows of Things and Omnifocus, the new case window lets you quickly enter comprehensive case details super fast and get on with the more important parts of your workday.